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Healthy Weight Loss is Fast Weight Loss!

Hi, this is Dr. Berg and welcome to my site. If you want to get healthy for fast weight loss online, you came to the right place. I have invested over 25 years in this area and have discovered that many of the common theories of weight loss are dead wrong. If you search the net and try this and try that, you're going to be disappointed and frustrated. It all conflicts and it is information overload. You don't need more information; you need less but more quality information. I have created many resources to help you lose weight all based on getting healthy first.

Healthy weight loss is fast weight loss.

One of the first and easiest things I get everyone to do is start with the kale shake in the morning. You could download my free Kale Shake Diet ebook, by clicking on the link on this page.

You see, if you shift your goal and focus on getting healthy, your energy, your sleep quality, and many other body problems will improve. You will notice something interesting - your weight will come off faster. From working in the field of weight loss giving over 4800 seminars on belly fat, hormones and body types, I have yet to find just one person who knew how to burn fat. Instead they count calories or think they can exercise those calories off and get thin. What's missing in healthy weight loss is the knowledge of how to burn fat, how to use foods and exercise to manipulate your own fat burning hormones. Everything you eat either helps you lose weight or helps you gain weight through the hormone system. But to quickly lose weight, the fast way to lose weight and rejuvenating your metabolism is the healthy right way.

My program is based on the 4 body types. These types include the adrenal body type, the thyroid body type, the ovary body type and the liver body type. People gain weight in specific parts of their body based on their body type. The most common one is the adrenal body type, where belly fat is dominant.

Quickly Lose Weight with Dr. Eric Berg

What is different between you who are struggling and someone else who can lose weight easily? Understanding this is crucial in overcoming stubborn belly fat. It's not luck or genetics. It might not be that that person is even doing anything differently. The difference has to do with something inside your body. The weight loss signals (hormones) might be trying to be triggered by certain foods you are eating BUT they are not doing their job. Your metabolism has slowed whereby the hormones don't create the same effect like they did when you were younger. Let's take an athlete. What's the difference between a pro and an amateur? It's simply the endurance and how fast they can clear lactic acid (that acid that gives you the burn) from their muscles. Their cells can rejuvenate faster. This has more deeply to do with the person's recovery after exercise 14-48 hours later when they are in deep sleep. You don't burn fat or lose any significant weight during the exercise or for that matter during the day - only after exercise 14-48 hours later... in your sleep. FYI, The adrenal body type tends to prevent a quality of restful sleep.

There is always something that occurs before you develop a resistant weight problem. It could be pregnancy, an injury, menopause, a divorce or any stressor. But it boils down to accumulated body stress. In other words, all stress accumulates and leaves an impression on your body - and it will slow and nullify the good things you try to do to lose weight. One of my discoveries that I have introduced into my healthy weight loss program is a method of extracting and ridding stress from your body. I teach people how to do this method, which involves a non-needle acupressure technique. It addresses the most ignored area of weight loss - stress. So the combination of eating for health, adding the kale shake and extracting stress is a powerful plan to turn your health around and get your body type back. But the key is tailor-making your actions to your specific body type (adrenal body type, ovary body type, liver body type or thyroid body type).

The odds of a person doing research on the web and figuring out how to lose weight the healthy way is much less than winning the lottery. Honestly, it's the blind leading the blind - they pick up lots of false ideas, wrong information, and trivial information not knowing what to do as the most important action. I created a new amazing online healthy weight loss program called Body Type Plan, whereby every action from the foods you eat, to the exercise you do is all leveraged to do one thing - get results, the healthy way. This will be the last program you will attempt in getting your body back. Click here to get started now by finding out your body type.

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